One product. Many workflows.




  • Interactive web application for digital pathology workflows
  • Eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Connect instantly to existing digital imaging repositories
  • Organize case workloads
  • Share cases and associated images immediately
  • Collaborate with consultants, researchers, and students
  • Conference effortlessly with collaborators
  • Access securely via web browser or desktop application


Collibio - Features


Collibio - Connect


Are you tired of being locked in by your digital pathology vendor? Would you like to make better use of your digital pathology repository? If so then Collibio is the solution for you. Collibio effortlessly connects to existing proprietary digital pathology image archives allowing you to bring multiple slide collections into one platform. It does not matter what slide scanner was used to create the images or where the repository is stored, in a few seconds your problems will be solved in one flexible, scalable solution.





Do you have trouble sharing your pathology cases with others? Would you like to get a second opinion with the touch of a button? If so then Collibio is the solution for you. Collibio allows you to manage the case workload in your organization to optimize your human resources. Cases can be assigned to pathologists locally, or securely to off-site specialists to ease workload and reduce turnaround times.

Collibio - Share


Collibio - Collaborate


Are you spending too much time using a multi-headed microscope? Would you like to take a subset of your cases and use them for medical training, research, or quality assurance purposes? If so then Collibio is the solution for you. Collibio provides you with all the tools you need to conference and peer review cases instantly online, including voice and text chat support. You can host lectures or seminars online using anonymized cases, collate valuable research data using configurable workspaces, and organize your cases for multidisciplinary team meetings.


* Images are provided courtesy of Faculté de Médecine, Université de Genève.


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VMscope is an award winning German company with extensive Virtual Microscopy experience, knowledge and skill sets. VMscope supply comprehensive managed services including digitizing and hosting and viewing of glass slides using a range of digital scanners and their Image Server software.

VMscope’s knowledge and presence in Central Europe provides Austrian, German and Swiss organisations direct access to Collibio’s next generation digital pathology software supported by a trusted German supplier.

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