Collibio for Clinical Applications

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  • Connect to your LMS/LIS
  • Organize the case workload within your organization
  • View your cases from an intuitive worklist
  • Consult with local or remote collaborators


Collibio - Clinical Features


LMS/LIS Integration


Viewing data from your LIS alongside your case images is of paramount importance for optimizing laboratory workflows. Collibio can connect to an existing laboratory information system to allow the viewing and annotation of digital pathology images from within your normal working environment. Second opinions for your cases can be easily requested from the LIS via Collibio, from experts outside your organization, with secure integration of reports back into the LIS.


Case Management


Optimizing workflows in the lab brings benefits for everyone and Collibio is the ideal tool to manage the digital pathology case load of your organization. Lab managers can analyze the bottlenecks to help maximize available resources. Cases can be allocated automatically based on pathologist availability, workload, and speciality, or manually to balance the lab workload to meet the needs of dynamic organizations.


Collibio - LMS/LIS Integration
Collibio - Case Management


Pathologist Worklist


A pathologist's worklist needs to be both useful and usable. The pathology worklist in Collibio is easy to use, and flexible to allow you to configure it to present and capture the data needed in your lab. Priorities are used to ensure the fastest turnaround time for urgent cases. Large repositories of cases can be instantly searched to allow labs find what they need immediately. All case information is available to hand, with support for documents such as .pdf, .doc, and .ppt included. Cases can be easily shared with or assigned to other users in your lab, or securely with external experts. Email alerts can be configured to keep you notified of any changes to your cases.




Second opinions should not take a lot of time or effort to organize. Collibio's sharing and publishing modules are simple, and quick to use. Within seconds you can draw on the expertise of a colleague in your lab or an external consultant at the click of a button. Your case data is published securely for a second opinion with anonymization options to ensure patient privacy. Reports are collated, with full audit tracking of all actions.

Collibio - Pathologist Worklist
Collibio - Consultation

* Note: Pixcelldata products have not yet been approved by the FDA for diagnostic use.

* Images are provided courtesy of Faculté de Médecine, Université de Genève.


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