Collibio for E-Learning Applications

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  • Allow your students to access your digital slide library anytime
  • Create content to meet the needs of your students
  • Host online and distance learning classrooms


Collibio - Online E-Learning Features


Image Libraries

It is all too common that students do not have frequent access to large cohorts of quality slides. Collibio can help educational organizations by providing a platform to manage libraries of categorized and annotated digital pathology images. Students can access these images anywhere, anytime, promoting self-guided and group learning.



Educational Studies


The course directors and lecturers of tomorrow's medical graduates are often overworked in delivering lectures, preparing tutorials, and correcting exams. Collibio can lessen the workload by being the ultimate classroom assistant by delivering content to students in a format that utilizes the best of modern technology. Course content can be set up to address the needs of medical and veterinary undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Online Classroom


Viewing snapshots or live digital microscope images on a classroom projector is not optimal for the delivery of pathology images to students. Collibio's conferencing allows the lecturer to direct the review of pathology cases and slides which students will view on individual computer screens. Interactive classes are enabled by allowing passing of conference control between students participating in the classroom or via distance learning.


Collibio - Educational Studies
Collibio - Online Classroom

* Images are provided courtesy of Faculté de Médecine, Université de Genève.


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