Collibio for Research Applications

A flexible warehouse for your data.




  • Manage multiple research studies simultaneously
  • Review results online with remote colleagues
  • Audit all changes to your data


Collibio - Research Features


Research Workspaces

Large and small organizations frequently have the need to coordinate multiple research studies at any given time. Collibio is the ideal solution to help you meet all of your research needs. Collibio allows you to set up and configure workspaces that can be tailored to capture data that is relevant to each of your studies. Cases can be anonymized and imported from previous studies. Collaborators can be added as needed, and access rights can be adapted to reflect the dynamic nature of research.



Online Collaboration


Managing research datasets can be difficult, and peer reviewing content can sometimes be logistically challenging especially for multinational organizations over long distances. Collibio helps you with both by first providing an environment to maintain large cohorts of cases, and then allowing the simultaneous online review with multiple participants. Integrated support for voice over IP software can also improve communication and further cut costs.




It is always important to be assured of the integrity of your research data. Collibio can put your mind at ease by auditing all access and changes to data in your studies. You can configure the auditing system to track specifically what you need, and search the audit trail to track the modification of data over time. Audits can be exported for further analysis in .xls, .csv, .txt, and .pdf formats. The system can also perform scheduled audit backups for your peace of mind.


Collibio - Online Collaboration
Collibio - Auditing

* Images are provided courtesy of Faculté de Médecine, Université de Genève.


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